Thursday, 17 December 2015


Posted by Diana Stiles, owner of Buskins Shoe Shop

1. Before you wear your shoes for the first time clean them with a suitable polish.  Cleaning them helps to protect them from dirt and water damage.

2.  If you have purchased suede shoes spray them with a protector spray which will help to stop water damage.  
3. Nubuck shoes can be sprayed with a product that has oil in it so it will also help to feed the leather.  
4. Clean your shoes regularly. Use polish in a tin with brushes or cream in a jar and apply with a soft cloth and buff off.  Cleaning regularly keeps them waterproof and they will last much longer.
5. If you notice that your heels are worn make sure that you get them re-heeled before they wear the stack of the heel down. 
6. Have you got your suede boots dirty?  Don’t worry let them dry off naturally and when dry use a suede brush to brush off the dirt.  If dirt persisits use a cleaner such as Combi proper (available from Buskins).
7. At the end of the season it is a good idea to have a good look at your shoes and boots and give them a good clean and get heels repaired if necessary.  Buskins will take in damaged shoes and get them repaired for you. Store the cleaned and repaired shoes in boxes so they keep their shape.
Buskins have a variety of cleaning products, creams and polishes that will help you to keep your shoes in good condition.  If you need advice please feel free to ask!
tel: 01453 836 836

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